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"I absolutely adore you! I'm so so so happy!"

"I absolutely ADORE you!! My wedding photos came out so great!! Im so so so so happy with my makeup, I wish I had you for my engagement photos too! My sister just got engaged and she will be calling you tomorrow !!"

"My makeup was drop dead gorgeous Taylor!! Thank you!"

"My wedding was amazing and my makeup was drop dead gorgeous Taylor! Thank you so much! I can't wait to send you some of the photos, I think you're going to LOVE them!"

"Everyone at the wedding asked who did my makeup!"

"Remember when I said how nervous I was about my makeup for the wedding photos? YOU FREAKING KILLED IT! Everyone was asking who did my makeup! Thank you thank you thank you! I love my photos soooo much because of you!"

"Taylor you are the literal best!"

"I didn't think I wanted a makeup artist but after that trial I knew I was going to go with you. I can't believe how great you are, my bridesmaids looked STUNNING ✨